US Open winner

 The US Open Tennis Championship is the last chance to show itself in all its glory this year, because traditionally the US Open closes the series of Grand Slam tournaments. Motivation will be prohibitive, because every tennis player wants to finish the major season on a positive note. Despite the fact that before the start of the competition there is a lot of time, choose your favorite and make a bet on tennis better now at a favorable rate, getting a good return on investment in September. The women’s tennis tournament was first held in Philadelphia at the Cricket Club. Recently, all the championships have been combined into one general open championship of the United States of America. The tournament began to allow professional tennis players to take part, until that time they could not take part in competitions. The winners were able to become Ekaterina Makarova in mixed doubles, Safina Dinara together with a woman, Vera Zvonareva, Maria Sharapova and also Kuznetsova Svetlana, Safin Marat and Kafelnikov Evgeny.

The largest number of victories in the US Open “Era” in the men’s singles (five) belongs to three tennis players: the Americans Jimmy Connors and Pete Sampras, as well as John McEnroe. Among women, the record holders (since 1968) are American Chris Evert and Serena Williams; they have seven titles in their singles. Like any other tournament with such a history, the US Open has many great champions and every US Open winner has own history. Of course, the records at the first competitions, when the geography of the participants was seriously limited, are somewhat less significant than the records of the last decades, but it is impossible not to mention them. Men’s tournaments were won by Richard Sears, who for all these years gave away only three sets to his rivals in the final matches. Of course, seven consecutive titles are still a record achievement. Closer to his repetition was Bill Tilden, after two consecutive defeats in the finals, having won six titles in a row. But then, in 1926, the four French “musketeers” arrived in the United States and did not give Tilden the chance for a seventh consecutive victory. But Bill set another record – eight walks to the final in eight years. 64 years later, he was repeated by Ivan Lendl, and no one could outperform him.

In the 1960s, on the grass of the US Open, as at Wimbledon, the Australians ruled the ball. Ken Rosewall, Roy Emerson, John Newcomb, and of course Rod Laver won. As for the tennis player, in whose honor the present central court was named, he won the title at the US Open only once, in 1968. A unique achievement was set by Jimmy Connors. This legendary American tennis player managed to win in New York on all three surfaces! In 1974 it was on the grass, in 1976 it was on the ground, and in 1978, 1982 and 1983 – already on hard. By the way, in many respects it was the experiment with the change of the coating to the clay one that enabled such lovers of soil as Guillermo Vilas and Manuel Orantes to win the title at the US Open.

The record for the number of conquered titles in the men’s singles in the “open era” belongs to Roger Federer. According to the total number of victories, the Swiss shares the first place with Jimmy Connors and Pete Sampras – all three currently have five US Open titles each, but no one but Federer has managed to win five times in a row. However, in 2009, Juan Martin Del Potro interrupted this series of Roger, and last year the Swiss was not able to reach the final. By the way, on that US Open in gold letters Rafael Nadal wrote his name in history, which made the “Career helmet” (that is, won all four Grand Slam tournaments in different years).

And the record holder of the women’s tournament in terms of the total number of titles is tennis player, who at the time of the first victory was already over 30. This is Norwegian Anna-Margaret Bjorstedt, who accepted American citizenship and went down in history under the name of Malla Mallory. She won the US Open eight times in the 1910s and 1920s, including four times in a row. Four titles in a row are also still a record; Helen Jacobs managed to repeat this achievement in 1935 and Chris Evert in 1978, but nobody has been able to improve it so far. The main “loser” of the tournament, perhaps, can be considered Yvonne Gulagong. Australian four years in a row went here to the finals (twice on the grass and twice – on the ground), but could not win.

New York, the end of August – as usual

In 2018, The United States Open Tennis Championships took place from August to September. The tournament was hosted by the National Tennis Center of New York, on whose hard courts the strongest rackets in the world fought to win. The US Open prize pool was transcendental, which is an additional motivation for participants. Recall that in previous years, the size of the prize was a record in the history of tennis – 46.3 million dollars.

Kings of Us Open past years

In one of the previous years, the German tennis crown went to German Angelica Kerber, who in a spectacular and intense struggle defeated the Czech Caroline Plishkov. Caroline Wozniacki and Serena Williams defeated in the semifinals, respectively. Spaniard Garbine Muguruza dropped out of the grid in the 1/32 finals, and Simone Halep got to the top eight, where she lost to Serena. It was hot in the men’s singles – in the final match Stanislas Wawrinka took the crown from Djokovic, winning 3-1. Japanese Kei Nishikori, who sent home one of the favorites Andy Murray, was surprised at that tournament, reached the semifinals and lost to the future champion? The second semifinalist was the Frenchman Gael Monfils. Rafael Nadal left New York after 1/8, and Federer did not come at all due to injury. Del Potro was good, who lost 1/4 to Wawrinka.